Keep It Legal Colorado!

Keep It Legal Colorado

by Bridget Seritt on March 26, 2017, 6:12 p.m.

Media coverage of Colorado's quasi-legalization has led to the impression that its citizens have safe, affordable access everywhere in the state.  Sensationalist stories about funding schools, scholarships, and homeless-aid programs have made international news.  What isn't being told, are the stories of patients still being persecuted for needing phytocannabinoids.  Our reality is very different than perception.  Just recently, HB17-1220 and HB17-1221 were introduced in an effort to drive patients into the regulated, cost prohibitive markets.  These measures take away your right to an unconditional affirmative defense as guaranteed under Amendment 20, and felonizes patients.  It violates the spirit of why Amendment 20 passed and leads patients down a dead end! 



These patient groups and businesses stand united in opposition to felonizing patients!  Please use your purchasing power and notice the very few dispensaries that do support your Amendment 20 rights!

What we oppose in these Bills:

Criminalizing medically necessary patient home grows.

Conditional medical necessity defense (medical necessity is unconditional).

Placing conditions on the ability of a poor, dying patient that eliminates access to life-saving cannabis.

Creating felons of the chronically ill.